Monrio TR7 turntable + Pro_Ject 9cc full carbon Tone Arm

Monrio TR 7. A turntable that meets exactly the listening philosophy of Monrio. After years of music on CD, we at Monrio decided it was time to go back to listening again music in a serious way. The designs takes about a year in research, testing, listening session and materials research, but now we can say that we have succeeded in creating a turntable that accurately reflects the required parameters to get the best possible musical performances. A new plinth using custom designed materials, a new tone arm bearing assembly, low voltage motor controlled by a hand tuned electronic power supply. These are some of the features of this amazing new turntable designed to extract more music from your vinyl collection.


MDF black finish plinth.
special stainless steel damping feet
one piece alloy tonearm for superb tracking ability
low noise belt drive design
high precision stainless steel and bronze bearing assembly
bearing provides ultra quiet fluid operation
12 Volt DC motor
two speed (33/45 rpm) pulley
Separated Power Supply
Akrylic platter and felt mat
quick and easy to assemble
high quality gold rca connectors

44 (w) x 37 (d) x 12 (h) cm.
Kg. 10 – packed