Monrio MC Player HP – CD player

“Tasty Asty In a world of ill-fitting clothing this Monrio CD player comes across as an Armani suit, its lines being so simple that most rivals look cluttered by comparison. The case is superbly finished and the quality of workmanship is good enough to impress at £1000 let alone £695. The minimal controls work with precision and the display is easy to read, even at a distance. Inside you’ll find a Philips transport and a 24-bit DAC, the circuits being split to minimise the effect of the transport and control electronics interfering with the audio circuits.”
This is what a journalist wrote some years ago in a review of the beautiful Asty Player whose new MC Player is the direct descendant.
In the design of the MC Player we have used many of the technologies developed for Asty Player improving it with numerous fundamental improvements and advances.
The aluminium casework provides excellent resistance to external vibration. Top lid and Bottom lid are aluminium 5 mm thick brushed and silver anodized. The side panels are 8 mm thick brushed and black anodized as well as the front panel is 8 mm thick brushed and silver anodized.
High performance drawer and transport mechanism, which we carefully selected, providing low resonance and low-inertia disc operation
Separate discrete digital and analogue power supplies for superior isolation of sound critical electronics
The MC Player, especially when partnered with the complementary MC201 integrated amplifier, sets a thrilling new standard for musical performance at our entry level system.

Currently streaming audio seems to have captured the trust of audio fans, but we, at Monrio, still believe in CDs. After all, the CD is still by far the world’s most popular music format and for millions of music enthusiasts compact disc collections still constitute the heart and soul of precious music libraries. This outstanding machine, which replaces the previous Asty Player, brings worthwhile performance benefits for users but retains the functionality and straightforward usability of the classic player.



Frequency range; 20Hz-20kHz
Amplitude linearity; -1dB a 20kHz
Dynamic range; 105 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio; 115 dB
Channel separation; 110 dB (1kHz)
Total harmonic distortion; -97 dB
Audio output level; 2,10mV
Digital output level; 0,5 V p-p, 75 ohm
Sampling frequency; 44,1kHz
D/A Conversion; Sigma Delta 24 Bit
Mains voltage; 110/115 – 220/240V +/-10%, factory set for destination country only
Mains frequency; 50/60 Hz, factory set for destination country only
Dimensions (WxHxD); 430x310x80 mm
Weght; 6 Kg