MJ series has been designed with the unique goal to share with the music-lover his most natural need: the pleasure of listening to his favourite music, sitting in his own environment and feeling a part of the performance, as if he was sitting in the stalls.
At Monrio, we believe that the only purpose of a sound system is to offer gratifying music qualities according to the expressive power, the artistic thought and the leading emotion of the person who created the music you are listening to.
Besides a faultless performance thanks to its choice components and materials, MJ series offers as well an exclusive and agreeable appearance. Its highly customized and elegant design adorns any furniture simply, both period and modern. Its front panels, obtained from an aluminium plate 1cm thick, are carefully worked and finished with a special two-component paint giving a velvety look like deerskin and extremely resisting in time. The use of the MJ system is made simpler by a single remote control allowing to control the key functions of both devices. In a MJ system no unnecessary control can come between the listener and the true pleasure that makes music an essential part of life.
The experience in the MJ series’ audio world has just begun. At present it includes an integrated amplifier – MJ Amp – having innovative features and based on powerful Class D 200-watt (4-ohm) modules and the wonderful MJ Player, integrated CD Player with 24-bit/192-kHz Delta-Sigma D/A converter. Other units will be added at a future time so as to create harmonious and highly integrated audio systems, cast into the future and ready to meet the users’ most different requirements.
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MJ Series components are conceived and designed as a single sound chain where every part is produced with the same standard and with music performance of absolute reference.
The unique look and the reduced size let it integrate in every home environment immediately and naturally.
At the heart of MJ Series is a “no compromise” attitude to component selection and electronic design.
Specifications -FET input stage – ICEpower modules output stage
-Output 200W @ 0.2% THD+N (10Hz – 20kHz, 4Ohm)
     -Output 100W @ 0.2% THD+N (10Hz – 20kHz, 8Ohm)
-110dBA dynamic range @ 200W, 4O
-THD+N = 0.006% (1W, 8O,1kHz)
-79 % total efficiency @ 200W, 4O
-CCIF Intermodulation distortion = 0.0005%
-10W, 4O, 14kHz/15kHz)
-Damping factor = 4000 (100Hz, 8O)
-300VA Toroidal Power transformer
-Five Line inputs
-Handmade in Italy
-Dimension: 280(W)x80(H)x360(D
-Weight: 8 Kg.